About us

Dr. Stefan Hagmann is the founder and Managing Partner of qplusresources. He holds a master’s degree in business administration and vocational education and received his doctorate from the University of Mannheim, Germany.

He has more than 15 years of practical experience in the field of Total Quality Management with a strong focus on the EFQM Excellence approach and strategy execution. Dr. Hagmann has published several articles on quality management and presented at national and international conferences; he is an Assessor for the EFQM Excellence Award, accredited EFQM Advisor and personal member of EFQM, Brussels and the German Quality Foundation (DGQ), Frankfurt.

Working with international organizations for the last several years, Dr. Hagmann has focused his work on the implementation of the EFQM Model in combination with different performance measurement methods.


Qualitätsmanagement  Dr. Stefan Hagmann
Ladenburger Straße 91
69120 Heidelberg

Fon: +49(0) 170 31 22 170
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