Business Excellence / EFQM

Excellence is not a skill, it is an attitude.
(Ralph Martson)

At the heart of a ‘Business Excellence Culture’ is the constant drive for continuous improvements; a management process where critical activities are constantly evaluated and improved in the light of their effectiveness, efficiency and flexibility. The absolute key factor is the engagement of both management and staff- at all levels.

Here, we assist in

  • developing strategic, business and communication plans to ensure an effective governance, policy making and management structure for the organization that recognizes its particular environments  
  • training and implementing quality management tools in line with the EFQM approach in order to create a culture of business excellence  
  • facilitating self-assessments and identifying critical improvements  
  • defining, refining and tracking policies and applied strategies  
  • defining key work processes and developing related support policies  
  • effectively administering and governing the client to standards that enhance operations, including exercising leadership, integrity, good judgment, transparency, accountability and responsibility for customer’s interests  
  • managing relationships to key stakeholders, partners and sponsors


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