Strategic Planning

If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.


The EFQM Excellence Model and the Balanced Scorecard approach are two leading and flexible examples to deliver continuous improvement to the needs of an organization and to execute its strategy.

We combine the advantages of the two methods according to the needs of the client. We do not sell the ‚off-the-shelf‘ solutions.

To do so, we assist in

  • developing or reaffirming the organization’s mission, vision and values [What business are you in and why?] The mission is a brief, typically one-sentence, statement that defines the fundamental purpose of the organization. The vision is a concise statement that defines the mid- to long-term goals of the organization.  
  • determine the concrete goals and outcomes that would represent the achievements of your vision [Where are you going? – strategic goals] Quantifying the vision makes it possible to integrate target setting with the exploration of feasible strategies.  
  • identifying and analyzing key issues including the internal and external forces that affect the organization’s strategy [What are the key issues that our strategy must address? – strategy analysis]  
  • formulating the organization’s new strategy and especially for new, transformational strategies, creating the case of change throughout the organization [How can we best compete? – strategy formulation]