Performance Measurement


What gets measured gets done.

(Peter Drucker)


Regular measurement and reporting keeps you focused — because you use that information to make decisions to improve your results.


  • we help you to select a small number of agreed-upon measurements that reflect your organization’s critical goals for success — a numerical snapshot

- They are measurable, objective and actionable
- You may have already dozens of metrics that let you know that things are running fine on a daily basis
- With Key Performance Indicators, you elevate a few of your most important metrics to become
   strategic touchstones for your team or service

  • we balance these measure in a way that business activities match with your direction -the vision and strategy of your organization, improve internal and external communications and monitor organization performance against strategic goals  

  • we develop a scorecard (BSC)- a dashboard to display and track the data and results on your internal website or other shared documents  

  • we facilitate the discussion of the results every month with your team and help you making changes to your KPI’s until you are satisfied they are correct