Process Design & Development


In the absence of clearly defined goals, we become strangely loyal to performing daily acts of trivia. 



The clear definition & description of key processes assures that you stay focused on your strategy, achieve planned performance and improve.


  • we support you in the iterative process of defining a logical representation around your building blocks - how your organization expects its key activities to happen. Based on a set of defined requirements, this includes a selection on strategically important processes and how they need to be monitored and measured for their effectiveness and efficiency  

  • we help you designing, developing, and testing a business process diagram. These business process model diagrams are typically created by business analysts in close cooperation with the people involved in the process. The diagrams and models are then stored in a database so that they can be used and modified  

  • we further assist you to develop process flow maps - an excellent way to document repeatable processes. By creating solid, tested process flows, your current and new employees will have a simple visual reference for solving questions relating to business processes  

  • we facilitate your way of improving your processes on a systematic and continuous basis