Assessment & Evalution


Better to understand a little than to misunderstand a lot. 

(German proverb)


There is a range from assessing problems to measuring results. In close cooperation with the client, we develop surveys to assess customer, employee or other stakeholder’s perceptions, compile the data and transform it to useful information for further evaluations.

Here, we support in

  • evaluating and selecting assessment methodologies, methods, tools and procedures that best fit to the organization’s needs  

  • administering and scoring assessment tools that are the most efficient and effective for their particular needs  

  • customizing established tools to the organization’s language and environment  

  • understanding the professional and legal standards to be followed when conducting personnel assessments  

  • conducting the survey, storing the data on our server and compiling the data  

  • accurately transforming the data into information & knowledge by interpreting the assessment results  

  • evaluating the outcomes  

  • developing presentations capturing the most significant outcomes of the survey  

  • comparing the outcomes with previous internal or appropriate external data  

  • conduction appropriate benchmark studies